Erevaan Lorhalain


Erevaan is the current head of the noble family Lorhalain and of the Corvosan branch of Church of the Arcane God.

Erevaan’s father Arandright was a half-elf basterd of the then head of the Lorhalain family but the noble head was a casualty of the second war and without an proper heir Arandright was made the heir to the Lorhalain family but there was one problem Arandright was already wed, to an elf by the name of Erelain and was with child also was one of the founders of the Church and always had her husband’s ear, so when Arandright and Erelain were officially Lorhalain this caused bad blood between other nobles as they felt elves took over the Lorhalain family and were supporting the heritec church and so the nobles withdrew any and all support and left the Lorhalain family a shadow of its former self but had enough to still be a large backer of the church, it was here Erevaan was born.

From the start Erevaan had talent and power thus was raised by his parents as members of the church rather than typical parents this led to him becoming distant from his mother and father but they were successful in making him strong he was to be made a leader, a figurehead to rally the sects of the church and to a point it worked, soon after he became part of the church’s faith he went to Corvosa and formed a sect of church in the area which would be the fastest growing sect of the church in its short history.

As the church grew in power in Corvosa he gained a seat on the Corvosan council and became friends with the vicount and with this his and the churchs power grew , this made Corvosa the almost unofficial holy city of the church with the backing the vicount was giving them but even now his power and influence grows even outside Crovosa , maybe he will truly unite the church.

Erevaan Lorhalain

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