Sack Jarrow

Fate unknown


Sack Jarrow was a man but had a crazy idea one day to turn himself into a female using a magic scroll to use as a disguise for whence he committed his acts of thievery during mid cast a guard stumbled upon him and interrupted the spell causing him to be half man half female for the rest of his days.

Sack became a privateer in his early life and plundered quite a bit but on a raid one time his crew left without him and ended up in chains, After serving his time Sack has a new outtake on life and his goal is to hoard so much gold to build his own town and a free society for pirates and nobles alike.

Sack’s love life is pretty simple really if he wants someone he takes them regardless of the answer they give him after all he was a privateer and takes what pleases him, Sack doesn’t have any enemies so far but that’s not to stop him from gaining some in the future.

Sack Jarrow

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