Samantha Abbendis

Paladin of the Goddess Iomedae


A servant under the Dark Lord Jahail, a Death Knight in this order of righteous warriors who stand to slowly growing in the underground societies all across the three kingdoms and probably even further.


After her parents were murdered from an Orc raid upon her home city during a time of conflict on the outer skirts of Fellwinter, after her township was raided she left to seek refuge with the clergy that worshipped the Goddess Iomedae. They trained her in hand to hand combat, whilst her two older brothers joined the army of the Fellwinter State, and had lost contact with her since the day they were separated.

After her parents have been slaughtered in front of her eyes, she had concluded that most foreign races were of lower stature to her, avoiding most when able. This fire burning deep inside her from this vengeance and anger that she uses to fuel her passion of her deity, Iomedae. Seeking the justice that she believes that all other races and heretics should be sentenced to death, under the light of her holy sword.

The clergy she studied with had introduced her to many different types of weaponry, having been taught these ways, Samantha has become proficient in almost all close quarters combat weaponry, from simple to exotic weaponry, wielding the weapon of her Goddess, the longsword when guarding herself with her massive shield, and a massive two handed, long-hammer forged by the dwarves when deterring herself from her normal defensive attitude.

After her initial years in the capital of Fellwinter, spending her time mastering the compendium of knowledge within the holy texts, her pilgrimage began, as she set sail to the Island State of Corvosa.

Samantha Abbendis

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