Verity Korisson


Verity is quite small for his age, standing at only 5’9", but he more than makes up for it with his strength. He wears his dark brown hair closely cropped to his head, often covering it with an almost cliche Inquisitor’s hat. Anyone watching closely will see a pair of pale grey eyes looking out from under that hat, above a stubbled jaw and grim-set mouth.


Verity was born as the seventh child of a family of vinters, on the edge of the Empire of Eryonia. To his father’s dismay, leading to fury, Verity made for a terrible presence around their household, always seemingly lost int he clouds, his mind elsewhere, as if something or someone was leading him astray.

Fearing demonic interference, Verity’s mother sent him to the local monastery of Sarenrae, in hopes of them finding what was wrong with the boy. It took a total of three days for the priests to realize that Verity’s mind was filled with faith in the divine, but to the chagrin of the Sarenites, it was the god of war, Gorum, that spoke to him.

With no hesitation, Verity’s parents shipped him off Caldera, to the citadel of Gorum that was there. The brothers of the Lord of Iron recognized his potential, and took the boy under their wing, training him to be a cleric. Sadly, after years of training, Verity still lacked the bond with Gorum that most of the other disciples had at his age, although Verity was one of the most battle-proficient they had seen in years.

It was Verity himself that proposed the idea of joining the Inquisition sect of their Church, to which his teachers soon allowed him to do, which led him to his master, Ceydis.

Ceydis was a master of weaponry, and spent weeks helping Verity find the perfect weapon. Growing up hearing tales of epic battles, Verity was insistent on using a sword, but his brute strength yet lack of grace made the greatsword a poor option. Axes were far too clumsy for Verity to use, so the choice of a falchion was eventually made. The boy used it as if he was born with one in hand, and was soon considered a master of the heavy sword. On his 25th birthday, he was awarded with a custom made, two-handed falchion, the blade measuring an impressive 4"8’.

New blade on his back, Verity was sent out on his first journey, under classified orders from Ceydis to root out the heretics of this so-called “God of Magic”, and see what their plans are. Verity jumped on the first outbound ship, and now finds himself in the town of Corvosa, surrounded by questionable company.

Verity Korisson

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